Mascagni frames memories and smiles. It arouses sensations, emotions, and creates an atmosphere to live. The company carries on this philosophy by presenting a catalogue with strong character, fanciful, highly creative, made of contemporary fantasies and trendy materials.

At the basis of the proposal, there is a careful and skillful attention to details, a constant research on topics, materials, finishes and colors, to make a unique product. The articles are seasonally renewed on the basis of the drawings realized by a team of designers inside and outside the company. Then, Mascagni strength lies in exclusivity.

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History & Profile

It is 1930 when Umberto Mascagni opens a small laboratory making picture frames in the heart of Bologna, with the help of his wife Elsa.

In 1933, Umberto has the intuition that leads a revolution in the way of designing picture frames, and creates the legendary ‘’Lumaghen’’ (snail): an innovative framework, which differs from any other photo frame on the market: it consists of a metal base locking with a simple and very effective mechanism like a pair of glasses. A photo is not enclosed between four pieces of frame, but through the transparency of the glass alone...

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