Mascagni frames memories and smiles. It arouses sensations, emotions, and creates an atmosphere to live. The company carries on this philosophy by presenting a catalogue with strong character, fanciful, highly creative, made of contemporary fantasies and trendy materials.

At the basis of the proposal, there is a careful and skillful attention to details, a constant research on topics, materials, finishes and colors, to make a unique product. The articles are seasonally renewed on the basis of the drawings realized by a team of designers inside and outside the company. Then, Mascagni strength lies in exclusivity.

The proposal is exceptionally rich in content, starting from photo frames, its major and founding  product that identifies the company on the market. Photo frames in silver, resin, glass, wood, photoframes for children, romantic, tech, glamour ...

Not only photo frames. Over the years the collection has expanded its range of products to home accessories and gift items. Following fashion and decoration trends, Mascagni has developed young&trendy and contemporary styles that have given life to the very fresh kitchen collection, the emotional 'fantasy' collection and cheerful lines of furniture with exclusive design ranging from clocks, magazine racks, umbrella stands but also money banks, jewels holders,  keys holders.

Since 2006 Mascagni has also been making room for new ideas in the interior decoration field with its One line. This collection is part of a concept of home decoration that passes through objects that tell of distant era (vintage line), details that reveal elegance, scented candles that adorn rooms and light that draws places.

Mascagni offers an atmosphere to live, objects for a living&dining full of beauty. The result is a comfortable and harmonious place, with an intimate and elegant character.
As the house wants to be the place that respects the personality of those who live there, their way of being, their essence, their style.

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