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90 years of home

Passion for home since 1930

Starting from a small artisan shop in the heart of Bologna, Umberto Mascagni managed to revolutionize the idea of ​​the photo frame thanks to the intuition of a new product, the iconic “Lumaghèn” (little snail). Consisting only of a metal base and a pair of glasses, the new frame puts the image at the center of everything, freeing it from the usual frame to give it relevance through the transparency of the glass alone.

Umberto’s inventiveness and tenacity were rewarded in a few years, so much so that Mascagni became the leading manufacturer of photo frames in Europe in the 1960s, under the care of his son Mario and his wife Nella.

The company, now headed by Michele Mascagni, has transformed into a modern reality with a strong propensity for innovation. It makes use of the collaboration of internal and external designers and through a widespread network of specialized distributors it sells all over the world.

Mascagni Casa has its headquarters in Casalecchio di Reno and a large warehouse in Castel San Pietro Terme, from which over 15,000 shipments depart every year for over 4000 customers all over the world. It exhibits at the major world trade fairs in the sector: Homi in Milan, Maison & Objet in Paris, Ambiente in Frankfurt.

Framing smiles, creating lively atmospheres

Framing smiles, creating lively atmospheres. Mascagni Casa carries on this philosophy by presenting three catalogs with a strong, whimsical, highly creative character, made of contemporary patterns and trendy materials.

Mascagni Casa proposes objects for a living & dining in the name of beauty. The result is a comfortable and harmonious environment, with an intimate and elegant character. Because the house is the place that respects the personality of those who live there, their way of being, their essence, their style.

A constant research to create exclusive products

The proposal is based on careful and skilful attention to detail, constant research on themes, materials, finishes, colors, to create unique and exclusive products. The items are renewed on the basis of drawings made by an artistic design team within the company and by external designers.

The proposal is rich, starting with the photo frame, the product from which the company was born and which identifies it on the market. Not just photo frames: over the years the collection has expanded its range of products to include accessories for the home and gift, furnishing accessories with an exclusive design, wedding favor ideas.

Since 2006 it has also given space to new ideas in the furniture and interior decoration sector with the ONE line. This collection is part of a concept of home decoration that passes through objects that evoke distant eras and trendy designs, details that reveal style, scented candles that decorate the rooms, light that designs the environments.

Since 2014, Mascagni has also become a protagonist of Christmas, with a rich collection of proposals updated with the latest industry trends. Lots of themed decorations and atmospheric lights to light up the holidays: from illuminated trees to garlands, from lines in fine fabrics to glass and porcelain decorations, from deco coordinates to various and exclusive candle lines in traditional or led versions.




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